As the growth of the City of Westmount spawned a Lodge that would carry its name, so in the early months of 1920 a few devoted craftsmen decided the craft should be promoted further westward to serve in particular the rapidly growing district of Notre Dame de Grace. Brother J. Hamilton Ferns received the encouragement of Arthur Wood, Grand Master and sponsored by Westmount No. 76, a lodge was regulary instituted on May 14th, 1920 by Most Worshipful Brother Wood, bearing the name Isaac Henry Stearns. Special permission of Grand Lodge had been obtained to use the name of a living Mason to designate a Masonic Lodge thus honouring a man greatly beloved by Masons throughout Quebec. Ironically, Most Worshipful Brother Stearns had discouraged Most Worshipful Brother Wood in his attempt to form a new Lodge some twelve years prior to the institution of the one that now bore his name. Most Worshipful Brother Stearns was initiated into Freemasonry in Montreal Kilwinning Lodge No. 124, Canada Register, now No. 20 Quebec Register, on May 14th, 1860, sixty years to the day before the institution of the Lodge bearing his name and in which ceremony he took part.

Charter Members - Isaac Henry Stearns Lodge No. 92

The first Master as R. W. Bro. Richard Booth, a Past Master of Montreal-Kilwinning Lodge, who never spared him self and set an enviable example for those who were privileged to follow. Monthly meeting were held in Victoria Hall from institution until the fire of 1924. While it was being rebuilt the Lodge shared the rooms of Royal Albert Lodge in the old Temple on Dorchester Street.In 1944 Isaac Henry Stearns became one of the tenants in the Community Hall in N .D .G . remaining there until transferring, with the other Lodges, to the Memorial Temple on Sherbrooke Street. In 1959 the Lodge returned to its original home in Victoria Hall.
Richard Booth
G.S.L. Retallack
Dr. W.W. Alexander
Frank Oram
W. Herbert Trees
Rev. Malcolm A. Campbell
R.W. Evans George Leighton
H.J.B. Hamilton
J. Hamilton Ferns
W.F. Thompson
H.M. Williams
D.B. Newton
J.M. Walkley
T.J. Coulter


The first by-laws approved in 1922 consisted of three pages, 8-1/2" X 14"; typewritten one side, and included rules of order; an outstanding example of brevity affording maximum coverage. The first Secretary, one Harry Williams, during a particularly dark period in his life, presented two of his most treasured possessions to the Lodge - two drinking goblets, decorated with Masonic emblems, which had been used repeatedly in responding to toasts in an English Lodge many years before, with the request "take care of them , I would not like them to be desecrated". Over the years, active and well-skilled members were responsible for innovations such as Lodge family get-togethers. Grandmother Royal Victoria, Mother Westmount, Isaac Henry Stearns and daughters Connaught and Concordia; creation of an installing team; recognition of father and sons, Turners, Retallacks, Hains, Grants, Dunns; spelling bees and debates during depression years when new members were scarce; fishing expeditions and trips to Owl's Head. Of the 378 members who joined Isaac Henry Stearns throughout the years not one will remember their initiation ceremony more vividly than the Hains brothers - 4 of them - introduced into Freemasonry by their father, on the same evening. The Lodge had its moments of enthusiasm as well as sorrow . The records show long periods of hard work and devotion to duty on the part of many - an example of Masonry at its very best.

Succession of Masters - Isaac Henry Stearns Lodge No. 92

Richard Booth 1920-21
J. Hamilton Ferns 1922
Garnet S.L. Retallack 1923
W.F. Thompson 1924
Frank Oram 1925
W. Herbert Tees 1926
J.M. Walkley 1927
George E. Leighton 1928
John H. Bedbrooke 1929
William E. Rhodes 1930
Douglas W, Massie 1931
Frederick E. Lavis 1932
G.M. Price 1933
Brian R. Perry 1934
Charles W. Stackhouse 1935
Harold E.A. Rose 1936 J.W.
Howard D. Caswell 1937
Joseph J. Russell 1938
Benjamin J. Howell 1939
Gordon W. Dunn 1940
W. Dean O'Connor 1941
Lorne M. Coddington 1942
Jasper R. Hains 1943
Lorne M. Coddington 1944
William Fair 1945
Noel Crooks 1946
Carl B. Bressee 1947
Lambert A. Nish 1948
Robert T. Jackson 1949
R. Stanley Orser 1950
Lionel Phillon 1951
James M. Garnett 1952
William H. Wilson 1953
John L. Retallack 1954
Alex L. Forsyth 1955
Douglas Gibson 1956
William H. Wilson 1957
Thomas J.A. Law 1958
Russell D. Brown 1959
Robert A. Hains 1960
Norman F. Retallack 1961
James F. Patterson 1962
Gordon N. Coughlin 1963
Russell D. Brown 1964
Oliver M. Retallack 1965
Bruce Davis 1966
William H. Cross 1967
Kenneth K. Hains 1968
Stanley W. Tulk 1969
Arthur L.L. Price 1970
Douglas B. Otter 1971
James S.W. Reid 1972-74
Eric J. Waugh 1975-76
Roy L. Oldfield 1977
James S.W. Reid 1978
Eric J. Waugh 1979-80
Grantley Smith 1981

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